Thomas Ravenscroft

Thomas Ravenscroft (c. 1582-1635) was an English music theorist, composer, editor, and collector. He composed Pammelia, the first English printed collection of rounds and part songs which was published in 1609, followed by Deuteromelia (1609) and Melismata (1611). It is likely that many of the pieces published were popular many years before Ravenscroft actually collected them.

Facsimiles of Thomas Ravenscroft publications

Posts about Ravenscroft pieces:

Pammelia – 1609

Rounds or Catches of three: Canons in the unison

     2 – O My Fearful Dreams 

Deuteromelia – 1609

Freemans Songs of 3 Voices

      1 – As it fell on a holy day (or the ballad of John Dory)

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