Another Spring Carol: In Vernali Tempore

There is one more spring song in the Piae Cantiones (1582). in the section “De Tempore Vernali Cantiones”. Here is my transcription:

In Vernali Tempore – 2 page version

In Vernali Tempore – 1 page version

Here is the tune.

This tune was also adapted into a Christmas carol by John Mason Neale, O’re the Hill and O’re the Vale,  though I don’t believe it is as well known as the  Good King Wenceslas tune. Again, the 16th century Latin words are for Spring. I think the tune of In vernali tempore is quite lovely.

A translation of the first 2 verses is available here.

A rhyming metrical translation by Sir James Steuart Wilson is also available here.

Here is a performance of In Vernali Tempore by Joculatores Upsalienses with some added  instrumental interludes:

Source: George Ratcliffe Woodward, Piae Cantiones: A Collection of Church & School Song, chiefly Ancient Swedish, originally published in A.D. 1582 by Theodoric Petri of Hyland. (London: Chiswick Press for the Plainsong & Medieval Music Society, 1910).

Third verse is on the next page of this version.

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A music hobbyist making medieval and Renaissance music transcriptions available for non-profit non-commercial purposes. Have fun!
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